Delta Community Home Loan Team


Apply for a Home Loan 

To apply for a Delta Community Home Loan, simply choose a Home Loan Specialist or Home Equity Specialist serving the area most convenient to you, and they’ll make it their mission to find you the ideal loan quickly and easily. If you live or would like to finance a property out of state, any of our Specialists are able to work with you remotely, allowing you to conveniently manage the home buying process online or by phone. Learn more about the states in which Delta Community offers home loans. 

Home Equity Specialists

If you're exploring options using the equity in your home, meet with one of our Home Equity Specialists. Our Specialists will assist you in understanding the similarities and differences of Home Equity Loans and Home Equity Lines of Credit, and you'll be able to select which loan is best for you. 

Becky Cameron

Email Becky | Phone: 404-677-8734

NMLS: 812670

Brodie Murphy

Email Brodie | Phone: 404-677-4148

NMLS: 1118601

Michael Nazworth

Email Michael | Phone: 404-677-4683

NMLS#: 1042247

Home Loan Specialists

From First-Time Home Buyer Loans and Refinances to taking advantage of your home's equity, a Delta Community Home Loan Specialist is equipped to work with you to find the best loan for your needs.


Brenda Jimmerson 

Email Brenda | Phone: 404-677-8735

NMLS: 1023494

Decatur & Midtown  

Mattie Ford

Email Mattie | Phone: 404-677-4938

NMLS: 456036


Lisa Johnson 

Email Lisa | Phone: 404-677-8694

NMLS: 1272321


Rhonda Dearing 

Email Rhonda | Phone: 404-677-4105

NMLS: 456035

Johns Creek 

Christie Lorton 

Email Christie | Phone: 404-677-4845

NMLS: 795210

Marietta - Dallas Highway

Kathy Melli 

Email Kathy | Phone: 404-677-4173

NMLS: 456041

Marietta - Johnson Ferry

Mary Chambers

Email Mary | Phone: 404-677-4862

NMLS: 1261593


Pat Deery

Email Pat | Phone: 404-677-4291

NMLS: 664110

Peachtree City

Rhonda McClain

Email Rhonda | Phone: 404-677-8783

NMLS: 456040

Peachtree City

Melanie Rexrode

Email Melanie | Phone: 404-677-4195

NMLS: 827408

Sandy Springs

Dorsey Gray

Email Dorsey | Phone: 404-677-4465

NMLS: 1043907

Eagles Landing 

Rhonda Foster

Email Rhonda | Phone: 404-677-4788

NMLS: 968608


Monica Williams

Email Monica | Phone: 404-677-8765

NMLS: 456046

Virginia Avenue 

Khristian Danns

Email Khristian | Phone: 404-677-4801

NMLS: 1218472

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